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 manchester evening news award 

Above: Manchester Evening News Award but 

Let's start with some reviews first... see also " Sward! and Latest!"

  The Woodlanders, 1991

"...the performances are as intricately detailed, and as powered, as in a cosy auditorium...a stroll back through time into another, earthier world. You'll be enchanted."

- The Guardian (Robin Thornber).

 a speckled wood, Rivington Pike Lancs.

a speckled wood, my photo from Rivington Pike, Lancs. one of the venues for Sir Gawain

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

"INSPIRATION obviously dropped on writer/director Simon Corble like manna...he has also translated and dramatised this 14th century poem into a delightful mix of hearty modern idiom and extremely pleasing verse that captures the rhythm and dialect of the original with great cheer and sensitivity..." Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, of the original 1992 promenade version.

"A fantastically good script by actor/playwright Simon Corble, newly updated from that first performed in 1992. He obviously knows and loves the original poem and his lovingly crafted verse version preserves both the alliteration and the north midlands dialect in places, without ever sacrificing clarity or drama. Truly an inspiring feat, and one that almost moved me to tears by the final quatrain. "  - Andrea Hopkins, Daily Info Oxford. - The 2014, heavily revised version for indoor stage.  Andrea is a theatre reviewer and author on medieval romance.


   The Hound of the Baskervilles 1995 - 2007


The Hound Image 2007

"The language seems to live and be real...a wonderful balance between the dramatic and the humour and the eccentricity…see The Hound of the Baskervilles…it was tremendous…a terrific evening!"

- BBC Radio 4 Kaleidascope, (Brian Sibley & Viv Gardner).


 The 39 Steps - the original 1996 script

"I have never known such happiness from a theatrical production." "This fast moving and very funny adaptation of John Buchan's classic spy thriller is very tongue in cheek and is all the better for it...simply wizard"

- The Daily Telegraph, (Auberon Waugh).

The Fisherman and his Soul  2005

"…a hauntingly beautiful adaptation."

- The Stage, (Kevin Berry).  

"an affecting production....gripping performance"

 - City Life  (Emma Unsworth) 

 charlie brennan as the fisherman, calling to his mermaid



Below: a veined white on Ikaria Island, Greece, where the play was conceived.

 Veined White


And the Awards.....

Manchester Evening News Award : Best Special Event (1998)

for "A Midsommer Night's Dreame" (direction)

Olivier Award: Best New Comedy (2007)

for "The 39 Steps"

May 2008:  The 39 Steps is nominated for six Tony's, inc. Best Play,

so watch this space also...Well okay it won for best light and sound design, but still....


below:  Thomas Frere and Catriona Martin in my own production of the original "39 Steps"

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